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LabSuit lab management platform<br> makes your lab work smart, not hard

LabSuit makes your lab work smart, not hard

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Inventory module takes care of materials' locations, usage history. Chemicals, antibodies, plasmid and many more!

Order Requests

All lab orders from the past are at the tips of your fingers, so you know who, when and for what price ordered a material.

Labs Around Me

One labs's trash is another lab's gold. LabSuit brings this two labs together

Price Comparison

LabSuit hosts dozens of manufacturers catalogs, so you can find what you need, compare the prices on the spot!

Is it free?

  • Academic institutions - FREE!
  • High Schools - FREE!
  • Non-profit research labs - FREE!
  • Clinical labs - FREE!
  • Commercial research labs - Contact for quote

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Nicka Chinkov

Minimal efforts and maximum profits.

LabSuit has prompted us to switch from an old-fashioned Office files to an intuitive and highly user-friendly online interface with minimal efforts and maximum profits. LabSuit is designed to provide the utmost in the comfortable management of chemical inventory.

Dr. Nicka Chinkov, PI

Department of Biology and Environment, University of Haifa, Israel

Pavel Starkov

It worked out very well.

At Tallinn University of Technology, we are excited about employing LabSuit in our day-to-day lab management practices. LabSuit offers an excellent and ready-to-use solution for cataloging, ordering and tracking of items such as chemicals, biologicals, IT, etc. It has substantially minimised PI's workload due to a well-thought-out suite for financial reporting.

Dr. Pavel Starkov, PI

Dept of Chemistry & Biotechnology, Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ), Estonia

Zach Niemeyer

Extensive for Inventory and Orders Management.

We use Labsuit extensively, as both an inventory and ordering system. It allows easy access for everyone in the group to find what they need or order new chemicals.

Zach Niemeyer, PhD Student, Orders Manager

Organic Chemistry Department, University of Utah, USA

Who is using LabSuit?

Hebrew University Of Jerusalem
Ben Gurion University of Negev
Tel Aviv University is using LabSuit
Israel Chemical Society
Weizmann institute of Science
The University of Utah
Bar Ilan University