Lab Requests Management

Thousands of lab members admitted that request management made them happier!

Peace of mind - is the biggest advantage of LabSuit taking care of order request. You always know at what stage your request is.
Your fellow lab members know too, as they check for updates themselves.
Lab manager is no longer a "live-keyboard".

Want lab request run as smooth as Swiss watch?
LabSuit is your choice!

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New Request is placed

Request can placed by any lab member. It can be based on existing inventory item, defined from scratch, derived from vendor catalog or reordered.

Approved by a lab manager

With all data in place, the manager approves the request. Automatic email notification is sent out to all lab members involved.

Marked as Received and Checked-in to the Inventory

The request life cycle ends when underlying reagent is checked-in into inventory. All lab members love it, since it requires just a single quick, and with that feature no reagents are slipping the inventory.

Monthly budget report is sent out to the lab manager

Monthly budget spending is aggregated and analyzed. Beautiful report is sent to lab manager on every first Tuesday in a month.

How other labs are using LabSuit


A natural way to track request life-cycle

New order request starts its way with requested status.
After lab manager reviews the order request and pushes it into procurement department the status is changed to ordered.
Once the order is delivered, any lab member can change it to delivered

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Request and Inventory always in sync

When the order is marked as delivered, the underlying item will be automatically added to the inventory

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Get notified on every request update

Cannot waste a second? Get instantly notified by email when your item is delivered

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Expenses report sliced by budget/grant

Every lab gets its funds from different sources. No surprise, careful expenses tracking is important.
Therefore, every order comes with a unique grant number property.
At the end of day, it gives the accurate picture of expenses per grant distribution.

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