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At the heart of every inventory management are tools for "item check-in" and "item check-out". LabSuit has much more to offer.

LabSuit speaks the language of Organic Chemistry and Molecular Structure. Every compound entry in your library is accompanied by a 2D molecular structure. This allows for instant recognition of bond types, possible chiralities, functional groups, and other properties that are best conveyed visually.

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Molecular structure auto-completion by CAS number

Molecular structures are useful and appealing, yet it might be challenging to depict during item check-in. LabSuit auto-completes popular structures by CAS number, for example, this Cortisone Acetate with dozens of bond and atoms is checked-in by typing in CAS number only!

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Take advantage of Structural Search

Finding a compound with a certain functional group is a common task, and LabSuit can perform it for you quickly and easily. Draw a partial molecular structure, and LabSuit will show you every compound in your lab inventory that matches your request.

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The best place for custom synthesized compounds

Create libraries for custom-made materials, depict molecular structures, group your compounds as you prefer, attach NMR spectra - and have them ready for the future publications.

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